Writing an Anaphora: Examples and the Definition

Writing an Anaphora: Examples and the Definition
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Anaphora is one of the rhetorical devices. This term is used when referring to the repetition of a phrase or word in a sentence. This rhetorical device is used to highlight the main point of the text and to help readers focus on this important element. Here is the most important information about anaphora from College-Writers team of highly skilled writing experts.

The word “anaphora” is of Greek origin, and it literally means “carrying back.” Therefore, there is no surprise that this term is used when we return to a certain expression or subject over and over again. Anaphora helps emphasize the key idea of writing, making it more clear and easier to understand. In addition, this rhetorical device makes your writing more rhythmical.

Anaphora is a very popular rhetorical device in poetry, as well as in political speeches, motivational writings, and polemical composition. It works perfectly with calls to action, making your text more persuasive, inspiring and emotional. For example, the sentence “Love means support, love means patience, love means trust” sounds more emotional and persuasive than “Love means support, patience, and trust.”

Anaphora is also an easy way to underline your main idea and to attract attention, since you don’t need to add anything new, just repeating what you have already said instead.

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