A.X.E.S. Structure: How to Cut Up Paragraphs

A.X.E.S. Structure: How to Cut Up Paragraphs
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Paragraphs are more than just several sentences connected logically. Every paragraph gives you an opportunity to provide meaningful insights, criticism, and analysis. The structure of your paragraph is crucial if you want to convey and support your opinion properly. We at https://college-writers.com/ website decided to help you create the right paragraph structure so that you can create a solid, meaningful paper.

The A.X.E.S. paragraph is a structure that will help you put pieces of your evidence together, developing your claims. This structure can be a useful tool that will help you build good paragraphs easily. To use your “axes,” you need to understand the key elements of this structure.

Assertion: This is the first part of the paragraph. It’s not a general statement or summary, but it will help you support your main claim. Quite often, this part of the paragraph is called a “topic sentence.” This sentence helps readers focus on the subject of a particular paragraph.

eXample: In this part of the paragraph, you can incorporate the evidence into your argument, developing your claim and supporting it. Your evidence should be a concrete paraphrase, quote, or description. You may also use different kinds of data. When providing evidence, you should introduce the context and a short introduction, if necessary.

Explanation: All the examples require you to explain them. We recommend that you provide an explanation after introducing an example. Depending on the type of evidence, you may explain the negative correlation, specific language, etc.

Significance: This is the last part of your paragraph, where you should answer a simple question: “So what?” You must reflect on the importance of the paragraph and its main idea, linking your argument to the examples and considering it in relation to the purpose of your paper.

Here is an example of a paragraph with the A.X.E.S. structure:

(A) The characteristics of the Black Rock desert make it impossible to live and prevent this area from development. (X) Despite the advanced technologies of drilling, there is still limited access to water because it’s located deep underground, under numerous geological obstacles (Addams & Brown 2012). (E) Therefore, not only is water too expensive to drill and pump, but also its quality doesn’t meet the necessary requirements. (S) As the population of Nevada grows, water scarcity becomes an important issue that needs to be addressed in order to create effective strategies of development.

We hope that our quick guide will help you write meaningful and impressive A.X.E.S. paragraphs!

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