5 Types of Imagery: Essay Writing Tips

5 Types of Imagery: Essay Writing Tips
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Although it may seem like the term “imagery” refers to the use of images, it’s not only about visual senses. The truth is that there are various types of imagery, each of which involves one of the five senses. By choosing the right words and phrases, you can make your readers think of the smell of food or the heat of the sun. College-writers team prepared this quick guide so that you can understand the difference between the five types of imagery.


It’s the most common type of imagery because most writers find it comfortable to use. You can describe various shades, types of lighting, and shapes to make your readers see what you want them to see.


This type of imagery is all about the sense of smell. This type of imagery is very powerful because the sense of smell is one of the longest lasting types of memory we have. Therefore, olfactory imagery can evoke numerous associations and emotions.


This is another powerful type of imagery. Sometimes, the sound of raindrops or the right song can easily create the necessary emotional setting for your story. Another good example of auditory imagery is the sound of explosions when writing about war.


This sort of imagery relates to the sense of taste. Using it may be tricky because everyone has their own favorite food, and you never know what your readers like or dislike. Nevertheless, you can easily predict your readers’ reaction to some specific tastes. For example, the taste of copper is usually associated with blood.


This is the broadest type of imagery because it relates to a range of senses. You can use kinesthetic imagery to describe how a certain object feels if you touch it, as well as when describing heat or cold, and movement. This type of imagery is a great choice if you want to describe internal emotions. For example, you may describe grief as something heavy in your chest, or fear as a cold drop running down your back.

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