5 Best Tips for Your SAT Essay

5 Best Tips for Your SAT Essay
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If you think about writing the SAT essay, you should prepare to read a text (it may be a speech or a publication) and discuss the way the author makes their argument. If you’ve done the same task before, it will be easy to do. However, even if you lack experience writing such essays, don’t worry. Experts from College-Writers.com share 5 tips that will help you get the highest score!

Is the SAT Essay Important?

Essays of this kind are optional and cost additional $17. There are 25 universities and colleges that require such essays, and if you apply to one of those schools, you definitely should write your SAT essay. If you’re not sure where you’re going to apply to, we suggest signing up for the essay anyway. Keep in mind that your score will be included in every report you send to schools, no matter whether or not they require these essays.

1. Be objective
The most important thing is to remember that SAT essays don’t require you to provide your personal opinion. Stick with a formal tone, don’t use the first or second person, and focus on facts.

2. Make it neat
The art of handwriting is something from another century, however, you can benefit from nice handwriting when working on your SAT essay. People who will read it also have to read dozens of other essays every day, so you don’t want them to waste their time trying to figure out what you wanted to say.

3. Create a proper structure
The classic essay structure consists of an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. Graders love essays that have such structure, so make sure your essay is properly divided into paragraphs. Briefly describe your essay in the introduction and paraphrase your main argument. Summarize the essay in the conclusion and restate your point again.

4. Use examples
Cite various examples to support your thesis statement and include quotes from the text.

5. Don’t be too concerned about specific terms
If you have problems trying to find specific terminology to express some of your thoughts, don’t be afraid to tell what you mean in simpler words. For example, you can say “comparison” instead of “metaphor.”

You can always ask our experts for a customized prep plan. They will help you prepare for the SAT essay, taking into account your schedule and score goal.

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