1000 Word Essay: General Features

1000 Word Essay: General Features
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1000 word essay is a popular task among students of universities and colleges. Bloggers cope with this task not less often, so you shouldn’t be scared of this number. In fact, 1000 words take not so much time, and we are here to simplify this task even more with our useful advice.

1000 word – how much pages it is? Honestly, we don’t know the only right answer. It’s like jogging the same street every day; someday you feel great and it takes just 10 minutes, but someday you are tired and squeezed, so you may come home in a half an hour. Anyway, no matter how you feel today, you run the same distance.

These essays are somewhat the same thing. No matter what you’re writing about, is your topic simple or difficult – it will be 1000 words long. You may write it in one shot or puzzle on it for a couple days. If you even cannot figure out how to start, we suggest taking a pause. You can meet with your friends for a coffee, workout, or do whatever helps you get your thoughts together and fills you with new energy.

Writing Tips

  • First of all, you have to choose a topic. Sometimes you get a topic assigned, and sometimes you can choose it yourself. If you have such a great opportunity, we suggest choosing a subject that you are familiar with. Check out books and online materials on this subject, so you could be prepared for writing. We also suggest not choosing topics that provoke complicated emotions: don’t forget that you have to be objective.
  • Write your outline. Don’t skip this stage of preparation, since it determines the whole success of your writing. It can save you a lot of time because you will note all necessary details, and create a structure. Check out various websites about essay writing, and you’ll find many types of outlines that you can use.
  • While the particular features of each essay may vary, the general structure is always the same. An essay starts with the introduction. It arouses the interest of readers and represents your thesis statement. This section is followed by the body part – the biggest and the most important section where you consider the issue in more detail. Here you write all your thoughts, arguments, and evidence. Finally, the conclusion part is the summary of the entire paper, where you take a global view on the topic and your paper, explaining how it can be used, and why it’s important. Of course, such a scheme is rather raw, so if you want to clarify details of essay writing, you can check various examples of 1000 word essays on the internet, and get many useful ideas.
  • Keep your content original. Yes, such an advice is obvious, but it’s also very important. There are many reasons why you must avoid plagiarism. First of all, it’s about respect for other authors, but another reason is that plagiarism limits your creativity. We understand that creating a 100% original content takes more time and effort, but think globally. You have a chance to improve your writing skills, and maybe even make your own contribution to solving some problem. It’s not only about your responsibility. Indeed, original content demonstrates how serious you are, but it also shows how good you are in writing, and what your knowledge is worth.

Once you understood how good your paper can be, once you overcame writer’s block, you may want to write not a thousand, but a million words and you certainly won’t puzzle on the question, how many pages your essay takes. The only problem for you will be how to make it short enough!

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